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Recent Advances in Pattern Recognition

Conference Schedule

Saturday, March 4th

Afternoon 1:00-5:00  
5:00-5:20   Welcome Remarks
by Douglas Golenbock & Ricardo Gazzinelli
    Opening lectures    
5:20-6:10   Ruslan Medzhitov
Introduced by Neal Silverman
6:10-7:00   Vishva Dixit
Introduced by Luke O'Neill

Sunday, March 5th

    Innate Immune Responses
to Viral Infection

Sponsored by Anadys
Moderator: Terje Espevik
Morning 9:00-9:25   Definition of the Clinical Problem
Robert Finberg
9:25-10:10   Special presentation
Shizuo Akira
10:10-10:35   Mark Tomai    
Moderator: Jules Hoffmann
11:00-11:25   Jules Hoffmann    
11:25-11:50   Neal Silverman    
11:50-12:15   Bruno Lemaitre    
Afternoon 12:15-12:40   Nick Gay    
12:40-1:15   Jean Marc Reichart    
1:15-1:40   Julien Royet    
    Immune Disorders
Moderator: Stefanie Vogel
Gram-Positive Infections
Moderator: Lee Wetzler
3:30-4:15   Ken rock Dan Portnoy  
4:15-4:40   Terry Means Philipp Henneke  
4:40-5:05   Ann Marshak Gio Teti  
5:05-5:30   Alberto Mantovani Genhong Cheng  
5:30-5:55   Peter Tobias David Russell  
6:00-8:00   Poster Session with Cocktails
and Hors d'oeuvres

Monday, March 6th

    Selected Abstracts & Awards    
Morning 8:30-9:30   Session A
Moderator: Eicke Latz
Session B
Moderator: Robin Ingalls
8:30-8:50   John Lich Franck Barrat  
8:50-9:10   Paul Hertzog Michael Carty  
9:10-9:30   Roman Jerala Veit Hornung  
9:30-9:50   Virgini Petrilli Mustapha Si-Tahar  
Moderator: Ofer Levy
Parasites & Beyond
Moderator: Fanny Lauw
10:10-10:55   Doug Golenbock Sankar Ghosh  
10:55-11:20   Sam Miller George Christophides  
11:20-11:45   Stefanie Vogel Ricardo Gazzinelli  
11:45-12:10   Jerry Weiss Alan Sher  
Afternoon 12:10-12:35   Egil Lien Annett Schoenemeyer  
Free Time
8:00   Banquet    

Tuesday, March 7th

    Signalling I
Moderator: Kate Fitzgerald
Morning 9:00-9:45   Bruce Beutler    
9:45-10:10   Michelle Kelliher    
10:10-10:35   Luke O’Neill    
    Signalling II
Moderator: Evelyn Kurt-Jones
10:55-11:20   John Hiscott    
11:20-11:45   Caetano Reis e Sousa    
11:45-12:10   Jurg Tschopp    
Moderator: Ruslan Medzhitov
Microbial Recognition
Moderator: Reis e Sousa
Afternoon 1:45-2:10   Art Krieg David Segal  
2:10-2:35   Sudhir Agrawal Gabriele Nunez  
2:35-3:00   Mark Alderson Terje Espevik  
3:00-3:25   Stefan Bauer Hermann Wagner  
    IFN Gene Regulation
Moderator: Neal Silverman
3:45-4:25   Tom Maniatis    
4:25-4:50   James Chen    
4:50-5:15   Takashi Fujita    
5:15-5:30   Closing Remarks
by Jerry Weiss
Open bar
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