Final Program

EventSlot OneSpeakerSlot TwoSpeaker
Wed., 2413:00Registration and poster set-up
16:00Welcome remarksNeal Silverman
16:1518:30Session IVIRAL RECOGNITION, Moderator: Evelyn Kurt-Jones
16:1516:50Talk INovel components in TLR signaling Luke O’Neill
16:5017:15Talk IITLR7 and Juvenile Diabetes Robert Finberg
17:1517:40Talk IIINucleic acid-sensing receptors in innate immunity Tadatsugu Taniguchi
17:4018:05Talk IVAntiviral innate immunity in drosophilaJean-Luc Imler
18:0518:30Talk VInnate recognition of virus infection Caetano Reis e Sousa
19:2520:20sessionKeynote Address
19:2519:30IntroductionRobert Finberg
19:3020:20Keynote AddressRNAi: From Mystery to Mechanism (and Back) Craig Mello
20:20Welcome Reception
Thu., 2508:3010:30Session IICOMPARATIVE IMMUNOLOGY, Moderator: Alan Ezekowitz
08:3008:40Moderator's IntroductionAlan Ezekowitz
08:4009:15Talk IRecognition of bacterial and parasite ligands by Toll-like receptors Sankar Ghosh
09:1509:40Talk IIDifferential roles of the inflammasome for the activation of IL-1 betaMihai Netea
09:4010:05Talk IIINew transcriptional regulators of Drosophila immunity Marc Dionne
10:0510:30Talk IVOrigins of vertebrate adaptive immunity Zeev Pancer
10:3010:55Coffee and tea
10:5512:45Session IIISTRUCTURE and FUNCTION, Moderator: Jerry Weiss
10:5511:30Talk IRole of Ubiquitin in Editing in Innate ImmunityVishva Dixit
11:3011:55Talk IIRegulation of TLR4 activity in the airwayJerry Weiss
11:5512:20Talk IIIA 3-dimensional view of innate immune signalling by the Toll receptors Nick Gay
12:2012:45Talk IVThe DNA sugar backbone as well as mTOR control TLR9 activationHermann Wagner
14:0016:15Session IVSIGNAL TRANSDUCTION, Moderator: Jules Hoffmann
14:0014:35Talk IAtg16L1, an autophagy protein, controls endotoxin-induced inflammasome activation Shizuo Akira
14:3515:00Talk IIInside and out: Microbial recognition and signalling in the Drosophila IMD pathwayNeal Silverman
15:0015:25Talk IIITLR-induced transcriptional responseRuslan Medzhitov
15:2515:50Talk IVSomatic cell genetics for the study of signalling in innate immunity Felix Randow
15:5016:15Talk VRole of dendritic cells in the in vivo responses to TLR ligandsAnthony DeFranco
16:1516:35Coffee and tea, snacks
16:3518:50Session VINTRACELLULAR RECEPTORS, Moderator: Kenneth Rock
16:3517:10Talk IActivation of the NALP3 inflammasome Jurg Tschopp
17:1017:35Talk IIHow the innate immune system distinguishes between pathogenic and non-pathogenic microbesDaniel Portnoy
17:3518:00Talk IIINALP3 inflammasome activation by lysosomal damageEicke Latz
18:0018:25Talk IVCell death, uric acid, and the sterile inflammatory responseKenneth Rock
18:2518:50Talk VBeta amyloid activates the NLRP3 inflammasome: potential cytopathic effect in Alzheimer's DiseaseDouglas Golenbock
19:0021:00sessionPoster Session including cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, Sala III
Fri., 2609:0010:50Session VIGRAM-NEGATIVE RECOGNITION, Moderator: Lee Wetzler
09:0010:50Talk IInteractions between Toll-like Receptor 4 (TLR4) Protease Activated Receptor 2 (PAR2)Stefanie Vogel
09:3510:00Talk IIEvasion of LPS-TLR4 signaling and the evolution of a highly virulent pathogenEgil Lien
10:0010:25Talk IIIMolecules coordinating Toll-like receptor responsesKensuke Miyake
10:2510:50Talk IVThe gut immune response of DrosophilaBruno Lemaitre
10:5011:20Coffee and tea
11:2013:35Parallel SessionsCO-RECEPTORS & REGULATORS, Moderator: Christopher Karp, Sala IINTRACELLULAR PATHOGENS, Moderator: Caetano Reis e Sousa, Sala II
11:2011:55Talk ITLR Regulation of the Metabolic Sequelae of High Fat DietsChristopher KarpRole of inflammasome and IL-1R in microbial and sterile inflammationGabriel Nunez
11:5512:20Talk IIThe Role of the Phagosome in Sensing of Gram-positive MicrobesLynda StuartAntiviral immunity: Intrinsic mechanisms at workSara Cherry
12:2012:45Talk IIIDUBLIN is a novel negative regulator of RIG-Like Helicase SignalingAshley MansellAutophagic control of Listeria through intracellular innate immune recognition in DrosophilaShoichiro Kurata
12:4513:10Talk IVEndogenous danger signals trigger sterile inflammation via a heterotrimeric complex of CD36, TLR4, TLR6Kathryn MooreImmunomodulation by the X-linked Inhibitor of Apoptosis ProteinMary O’Riordan
13:10Talk VAtherosclerosis and the Regulation of InflammationSam WrightRole of inflammasomes in antiviral immunityAkiko Iwasaki
13:35Free Afternoon
19:00Portugese Wine Tasting and Receptionat Palacio do Marques de Pombal adjacent to Instituto Gulbenkian de Cienca (Registration required)Buses depart 19:00 from Hotel Cascais Miragem
Sat., 2708:3010:15Parallel SessionsSELECTED ABSTRACTS ONE, Moderator: Veit Hornung, Sala ISELECTED ABSTRACTS TWO, Moderator: Fabio Re, Sala II
08:3008:45Talk IAbstract 253: Regulation of Humoral and Cellular Gut Immunity by Lamina Propria Dendritic Cells Expressing Toll-Like Receptor 5Satoshi UematsuAbstract 89: Role of Rab11 in signaling and intracellular trafficking of Toll-like receptor 4 Harald Husebye
08:4500:00Talk IIAbstract 51: The Drosophila membrane-associated protein PGRP-LF prevents IMD/JNK pathways triggering by blocking PGRP-LC acti...Julien RoyetAbstract 70: Toll-like receptor signalling in macrophages links the autophagy pathway to phagocytosis Miguel Sanjuan
09:0009:15Talk IIIAbstract 191: 5'-triphosphate-siRNA: turning gene silencing and RIG-I activation against melanomaHendrik PoeckAbstract 201: Structural modeling of Toll-like receptors: science or fiction? Andriy Kubarenko
09:1509:30Talk IVAbstract 144: Sepsis-Induced Suppression Of Lung Host Defense Is Mediated By St2 Jacobien HoogerwerfAbstract 217: Modulation of microRNA by Toll-like receptors Fredric Sheedy
09:3009:45Talk VAbstract 72: The DEAD-box helicase DDX3X is a critical component of the TANK-binding kinase 1-dependent innate immune response Tilmann BürckstuemmerAbstract 80: Stimulation of TLR3 and TLR4 induces Caspase-1 independent IL-1 Beta maturation Rudi Beyaert
09:4510:00Talk VIAbstract 199: Human-like responses to LPS in a mouse model Lynn HajjarAbstract 39: The Role of IRF-5 in the antiviral and inflammatory response Paula Pitha
10:0010:15Talk VIIAbstract 96: PISA (PYHIN protein stimulating ASC) triggers inflammasome activation in response to cytosolic B-DNA Veit HornungAbstract 15: Inflammasome activation by Alum and Alum's adjuvant effect are mediated by NLRP3 Fabio Re
10:1510:40Coffee and tea, snacks
10:4012:55Parallel SessionsINFLAMMATORY DISEASE/ATHEROSCLEROSIS, Moderator: Peter Libby, Sala IPARASITES & FUNGI, Moderator: Miguel Soares, Sala II
10:4011:15Talk IAn Overview of Inflammation in AtherothrombosisPeter LibbyA central role for free heme in the pathogenesis of severe malaria Miguel Soares
11:1511:40Talk IIModulation of B cell Responses to Autoantigens by IFNa and BCR EngagementAnn Marshak-RothsteinInnate recognition of fungiGordon Brown
11:4012:05Talk IIITLR2 in the early stages of murine atherosclerosisPeter TobiasRole of TLRs, CLRs and NLRs in host defense against Candida albicansAmy Hise
12:0512:30Talk IVHow a Pathogen Exploits TLR2-Mediated Inflammatory Pathways at Sites Distant from InfectionCaroline GencoTLRs in MalariaRicardo Gazzinelli
12:3012:55Talk VToll-Like Receptors and Chlamydia pneumoniae-mediated acceleration of AtherosclerosisMoshe ArditiRegulation of anti-Plasmodium responses in the malaria vector Anopheles gambiae Elena Levashina
14:1016:25Parallel SessionsGRAM-POSITIVES, TB, and BEYOND Moderator: Daniel Portnoy, Sala IDRUG DEVELOPMENT I, Moderator: Ofer Levy
14:1014:45Talk IRole of MyD88/IL-1R signaling in the stimulation of Th1 and Th17 responses by Complete Freunds AdjuvantAlan SherHigh-throughtput screening strategies for the identification of novel Toll-like receptor agonistsPeter Morley
14:4515:10Talk IISensing of Gram-negative bacteria in Drosophila : relative roles of peptidoglycan fragment release, injury, and ...Dominique FerrandonDevelopment and in vivo assessment of small molecule TLR9 inhibitorsSally Ishizaka
15:1015:35Talk IIITLR-independent type I interferon induction in response to an extracellular bacterium Marie Charrel-Dennis Bifunctional TLR7 and TLR9 Inhibitors: Development for Autoimmune DiseaseRobert Coffman
15:3516:00Talk IVSignaling pathways involved in bacteria-induced IFN-alpha-beta productionGio TetiEffects of a novel synthetic TLR9 agonist on repeated allergen challenge in allergic monkeysGerald Dubois
16:0016:25Talk VNod1 and Nod2 in innate and adaptive immunityDana PhilpottPreclinical proof of concept for TLR3 targeting in oncologyYannis Morel
16:2516:50Coffee and tea, snacks
16:5019:05Parallel SessionsREGULATION of SIGNALLING, Moderator: Luke O’Neill, Sala IDRUG DEVELOPMENT II, Moderator: Anthony Coyle
16:5017:25Talk ILysosomal cleavage of TLR9 is a prerequisite for its functionHidde PloeghInterferons, TLRs and Danger signals in autoimmune diseaseAnthony Coyle
17:2517:50Talk IIRegulation of TLR-IL-1R signalingXiaoxia LiSynthetic DNA-based antagonists of TLRsSudhir Agrawal
17:5018:15Talk IIIViral antagonism of TLR and RLR signaling reveals a role for DDX3 in innate immunityAndrew BowieOligonucleotide drugs as intentional and unintentional immune activatorsArt Krieg
18:1518:40Talk IVDistinctive role of MyD88-5 (SARM) in neurodegeneration and host defenseAhiao DingIL-22 is produced by immune cells, including Th17 lymphocytes, and acts on non-immune cells to regulate local ...Lynette Fouser
18:4019:05Talk VThe adenosine system differentially regulates TLR-mediated activation of monocytes in an age-specific mannerOfer LevyDevelopment of Novel Small Molecule TLR8 Agonists in Oncology and AllergyRobert Hershberg
20:00Banquetat Museu de Marinha (Registration Required).Buses depart 20:00 from Hotel Cascais Miragem